Promis.e Help

Multi-Lines Toolbox

The tools in the Multi-lines toolbox are used to place multi-lines, change and match multi-line attributes, construct joints at multi-line intersections, construct cuts (breaks) in multi-lines, and modify multi-line components.

All tools in a toolbox are not always visible by default. To see all tools, right-click in the toolbox and select Show All from the menu.

To Select in the Multi-lines toolbox
Place a planar-multi-line.

Place Multi-line
Set the active multi-line definition to the definition of a multi-line element.

Match Multi-line Attributes
Change a multi-line's attributes to the active multi-line definition.

Change Multi-line to Active Definition
Convert a multi-line element to a set of line strings, lines, and/or arcs.

Drop Multi-line
Construct a closed cross joint.

Construct Closed Cross Joint
Construct an open cross joint.

Construct Open Cross Joint
Construct a merged cross joint.

Construct Merged Cross Joint
Cut (break) a component line in a multi-line segment.

Cut Single Component Line
Cut (break) all component lines in a multi-line segment.

Cut All Component Lines
Construct a closed tee joint.

Construct Closed Tee Joint
Construct an open tee joint.

Construct Open Tee Joint
Construct a merged tee joint.

Construct Merged Tee Joint
Construct a corner joint.

Construct Corner Joint
Remove a break in a multi-line.

Uncut Component Lines
Partially delete a multi-line without losing previously created breaks.

Multi-line Partial Delete
Move a multi-line's work line or one of its component lines.

Move Multi-line Profile
Change the end cap of a multi-line.

Edit Multi-line Cap