Promis.e Help

Restore Project

The Restore Project dialog enables the user to restore a backed up project database to its original Workset.

Opens when the user right-clicks on a Workset in the Project Manager and selects Restore from the popup menu.
Project File Use the Browse button to locate and select the project file (*.prj) to restore.
Path Enter the path to the folder or click the Browse icon to navigate to the location.
Name Enter a new name for the project into the New Name field.

Select the WorkSpace and WorkSet to use for the project from the drop down lists. You can also create a new WorkSpace or WorkSet if desired by selecting <Create New WorkSpace (WorkSet)> from the drop down list.

Database The default database will be listed. You can either use that or select an different existing database from the drop down list if available. You can also select <Create new database...> if you choose to use a new database for the project.
Note: The setting to define whether you use a single database, or multiple databases can be found in the New/Modify Project dialog.