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[Technology Preview] Components Center

The Components Center is a cloud-based service for managing, sharing and creating content catalogs.

The Components Center give the user the opportunity to:
  • Have immediate access to the latest published content from Bentley.
  • Maintain custom content on the Components Center making catalog administration easy. Changes pushed to the Components Center are automatically available to all users in the organization.
The option to enable Components Center functionality is found in the Components Center page of the Options dialog.
Enable components center This option enables the Components Center functionality. When enabled, the catalogs in the Components Center will be available when placing a symbol.
  • Local content - Places the local catalog's version of the symbol.
  • Components center content - Places the Component's Center version of the symbol.
Exclude default Bentley content When enabled the default Bentley content will be excluded from the list of symbols to place. Only content uploaded by your organization (usually by the project administrator) will be available.
Include all applications content If the project administrator has uploaded catalogs from other applications, this option gives you the option to include that content in Promis.e . Note the application catalogs displayed reflects what was approved for the user's account by the project administrator.
Include content from these applications This option lets you toggle On/Off the application catalogs you want to appear in Promis.e .
Placement Priority If you have symbols which are stored both in the local catalogs and in the Components Center, the placement priority determines which catalog symbol will be the default used.
Clear Cache When you place a symbol from the Components Center, it downloads the symbol file to a local cache folder. Placing additional instances of the same symbol will use the local cached version of the symbol. This option deletes all of the downloaded content from the local cache folder so if the same symbols need to be placed again from the Component Center the system would need to download them again.
Refresh Click to refresh the page with any changes that may have been made to the Components Center.

Component State

Included with the component information for items/catalogs stored in the Components Center is the State of each component. When using the Components Center catalogs Promis.e handles a component's state as follows:
  • Draft - Not available in Promis.e .
  • Checked - Show in Catalog Manager as download only (cannot place, load, or open).
  • Approved - Show in Catalog Manager as download only (cannot place, load, or open).
  • Published - Show in Catalog Manager and allow full use. Will be available in Insert Symbol/Macro dialog for placement.
    Note: Only published components will be available for placement.
  • Archived - Not available.
The dialogs which display for the various placement commands will only display components from the Components Center in a Published state. These include:
  • Insert Symbol by Name, Part Number or Device ID
  • Insert Macro
  • Insert Cable/Bus
  • Insert Cable
  • Insert Wire Link

If a component's state has been changed while working in the current Substation session, use the Refresh button to update the active session with any changes.