Promis.e Help

Distributed Processing Settings Dialog

Used to define settings for distributed rendering.

You can access this dialog from the following:
  • Save Multiple Images dialog: Distributed Rendering > Options

Group Option menu that lets you select a distributed rendering instance to use for the processing.
Work Set Mode Lets you choose from three WorkSet modes when starting a distributed rendering job.
  • Use Current Work Set — (Default) Sends the -ww (WorkSet root) command to the distributed rendering processors, specifying the current WorkSet of the Promis.e session that starts the job.
  • Specify Work Set — Lets you specify the WorkSet root directory that the -ww command uses when starting the distributed rendering processors. Alternatively, you can use the Browse button to select the WorkSet root.
  • Do Not Specify Work Set — The distributed rendering processors start up in their default WorkSet root, which is defined in the msdirs.cfg file.
Work Set In Work Set Mode, if Use Current Work Set is selected, displays the active WorkSet location. If Specify Work Set is selected, lets you choose one. If Do Not Specify Work Set is selected, this setting is hidden.