Promis.e Help

Work Order Manager

This dialog lets you create, import or delete work orders within the active Promis.e project. Once a work order has been defined for the project it becomes available to select from the Properties Control and BOM Manager.

Accessed from:

Existing work orders will be listed in the Work Order section as shown below.

New Opens the New Work Order dialog to create and define attributes for a new work order.
Note: If you have third party integration enabled in the configuration file LcmSystemSettings.xml and you attempt to create a new work order that was not defined in SAP you will get the following message:
Import Displays the Work Order Import dialog letting you import existing work orders from a third-party work order management system such as SAP.

Existing work orders are imported from the SubstationDataExchange table which resides in the SQL Server Directory. This table is populated with work order data originally created in SAP. A unique script (developed possibly by the project administrator) needs to be executed to migrate the work orders from the SAP database to this table.

Note: Click here for information on setting up the SubstationDataExchange table and populating it with existing work order data.
Delete Deletes the selected work order from the project.


The System Options > Life Cycle Manager Settings lets the user configure and customize the behavior of the Work Order Manager.