Promis.e Help

ProjectWise Datasource Configuration Dialog

Lets the administrator configure a ProjectWise datasource to integrate with Promis.e .

Accessed from the Backstage:

  • File > Settings > Configuration > ProjectWise Configuration
This is an administrator function and is only required when connecting to a new datasource. Once the datasource has been configured, the button is disabled for the standard user.
Note: You must be logged into the datasource for the Configure button to become enabled.
Note: The Promise_Env.aam and Promise_ClassSchema.xml are two files in the ProjectWise folder that contain the ProjectWise environment and class schema settings that are configured with ProjectWise when the administrator clicks the Configure button. The administrator could customize these files either by modifying these them prior to using the Configure button or using the ProjectWise Administrator tool.
When the administrator initially creates the datasource in ProjectWise, the following Project Permissions must be enabled to allow the user to integrate Substation projects with the ProjectWise environment.
  • Allow user to change project permissions
  • Allow user to create projects and to upgrade folders to projects
  • Allow user to change project types and project properties
  • Allow user to delete projects
  • For the project administrator to be able to configure the datasource, he must have a version of ProjectWise Administrator installed on his machine with full administrative rights.

When you select the Configure button, the following dialog appears:

Here, the Administrator of the ProjectWise datasource must log in. After the administrator logs in, the toggles in the Configure section of the dialog will become enabled if the item is able to be configured. If the toggle does not become enabled, then the item is already configured in the datasource and does not need to be configured again.

Create Electrical Project Type Imports the Electrical project type into the datasource. This project type includes attributes that correspond to Promis.e project description variables.
Create Electrical Document Environment Imports the Electrical document environment into the datasource. This environment includes attributes that correspond to Substation page description variables and drawing set, installation, and location description variables.
Create ProjectWise Views Creates some views in ProjectWise for showing Promis.e attributes in the ProjectWise Explorer main interface. This is an optional configuration, and attributes can always be viewed in ProjectWise Explorer in the project and document properties dialogs. In addition, users can create their own views in ProjectWise Explorer with any of these attributes.
Configure Component Indexing This will configure component indexing in the datasource, if possible. Here are the requirements:
  • The Promis.e project database and ProjectWise datasource database must both be the same type of database, either Oracle or SQL Server.
  • Both databases must be hosted by the same database server.
  • The user account that ProjectWise uses to log into its database must be granted read access to the Promis.e database tables, otherwise it will not be able to read Substation data.

Configure a Managed WorkSpace

For details on how to configure a Managed WorkSpace for Promis.e , refer to the Promis.e CONNECT Edition Setup Guide - ProjectWise Managed WorkSpace Configuration available on the