Promis.e Help

Create Custom Part Dialog

This dialog lets you define a specification for a custom order device such as a transformer.

Accessed from:
  • BOM Manager > Add New > Part > Create Custom Part
Long Description Enter a detailed specification for the device that you want to order.
Considerations Enter any considerations that your organization may have as it pertains to this custom part.
Unit of Measure Depending on the type of part you may have a unit of measurement that you want to use for ordering.
Material Description Enter a short description of the part that you are creating that accurately describes what is such as "Transformer."
Catalog Number If you have some type of part number that you want to reference for this custom part you can enter it here.
Other Data You can enter any additional information relevant to the part here.
PO Number If you have a purchase order number for this part you can enter it here.
PO Item If you have a purchase order item number for this part you can enter it here.
Internal Comments Enter any comments that pertain to internal colleagues within your organization.
Manufacturer Enter the name of the manufacturer who will create the part for your order.
Do Not Purchase In cases where you might already have this custom part in your own inventory you can set this to "No" to indicate that it should not be ordered.
Requirement Date Enter the date by which you need the custom part.
Delivery Address Enter the address that the part should be shipped to.
Customize The Customize option lets you turn on or off specific fields based upon your needs. The fields that are listed depend on what is configured in the following file:

C:\ProgramData\Bentley\Bentley Substation CONNECT Edition\Configuration\WorkSpaces\Substation ANSI-IEEE Example\Standards\Substation\Config\Options\ default.SystemOptions.xml

Note: For details on this refer to the Configure the BOM Manager topic.