Promis.e Help

Configuration Assignment Utility

Used to assign new configurations to existing V8i projects so they can be used in Promis.e CONNECT Edition. Users can assign a configuration to multiple projects together with this utility and they will not need to back and restore individual V8i projects to use them in CONNECT Edition.

Accessed when:
  • Select the Configuration Assignment Utility option from the Project Manager.
Server name User can install an instance of SQL Server 2008 on the local machine. The Server name field displays the default local server name (local)\BENTLEYECAD. The parameter (local) is a special variable that automatically matches the name of your computer so it is not necessary to enter your computer name if you use this parameter.

If you wish to configure the software to look at a different database server then you must enter the appropriate server and instance name. The format should be as follows:


Example: MyServer\BENTLEYECAD

Database name Enter the name of the Promis.e database to which you wish to connect. By default, the software creates a database named Promise .
Windows authentication Windows Authentication will use the user's Windows login name to determine what security rights they have to the database.
SQL server authentication The database administrator will have to create a login name and password for the user in SQL server.

Enter the login informaiton and click Login to display the list of projects in the Projects section.

Note: The Login name and Password fields are only enabled when this option is selected.
ProjectWise Projects This option lets you assign a CONNECT Edition configuration to a ProjectWise project. The option is enabled when you login to ProjectWise when you launch Promis.e . When this option is selected, ProjectWise projects will be displayed in the right grid, otherwise, File system projects will be displayed from the same database to which user logged in.
When assigning a WorkSpace/WorkSet, you can either use a local WorkSpace/WorkSet, or select a Managed WorkSpace/WorkSet by clicking the ProjectWise icon next to the field and selecting the workspace from the ProjectWise datasource.
WorkSpace Select a WorkSpace from the drop down list which includes the currently defined CONNECT Edition WorkSpaces. If selecting a Managed WorkSpace, click the "PW" icon to select the WorkSpace from the ProjectWise datasource.
WorkSet Select a WorkSet from the drop down list which includes the currently defined CONNECT Edition WorkSets. If selecting a Managed WorkSet, click the "PW" icon to select the WorkSet from the ProjectWise datasource.
Projects The Projects section will list the V8i projects which are stored in the directory defined above. Enable the checkbox next to the project(s) you want to assign the CONNECT Edition WorkSpace/WorkSet to and click Apply to assign the selected WorkSpace/WorkSet.

The result is Promis.e writes the selected WorkSpace/WorkSet into a configuration file named Promise_WorkSpace.cfg which is stored in the project folder for each project. The application reads this file to determine which WorkSpace/WorkSet to load when opening pages of the project.

To open the Project in File Explorer, right-click and select Open Project.

Login and Database Information

In CONNECT Edition, information like username and authentication type is stored in the ect.fid file. Each project has it's own separate file with this information. There was a slight difference in the format of this file in V8i

Below is an example of the ect.fid file:


In CONNECT Edition the Windows Authentication type is stored with a value of "0".


For SQL Authentication, the authentication type value is stored as "1" and the default user name stored is "ecaduser".

The password is encrypted and stored in the login.xml file.
Below is the format of the ect.fid file when using the SQL authentication option in CONNECT Edition.