Promis.e Help

Add New BOM Dialog

This dialog lets you add a new Bill of Materials (BOM) for the project.

Accessed from:
  • BOM Manager > Add New BOM
Work Order The Work Order fields lets you select the work order to associate with the new BOM Document. The current work order is displayed by default. You can select a work order from the drop down list.
You are able to search for a work order by clicking the browse icon next to the field. It displays the Work Order Search dialog:

You can select a specific field to search in using the drop down list or search all fields. Enter the search criteria in the field and click the search icon.

You can also create a new work order or import a work order by clicking the Work Order Manager icon. This displays the Work Order Manager where you can create or import work orders to associate with the new BOM document.

New BOM Enter the name for the BOM document that you want to assign parts to. In some cases, this may be an existing BOM document number for an existing asset that you are planning to make additions to.
Revision Selecting the Revision toggle allows you to input a revision number that will be created for this BOM. Revisions are useful when making changes to an existing BOM document for an asset.
Starting Sheet No This becomes enabled when creating a revision and allows you to specify the starting page number of the Bill of Material document that you want to add new entries to. This is useful if you have existing BOM documents and you want to add new items to the end of the existing document. You can define a BOM report template to use this starting number as the first page number of the report you generate. You could then merge the resulting report with your existing report to ensure that the page numbering flows properly.
Balloon no range Enter a 'Start' and 'End' value to define a range of balloon numbers that you want to allow for the revision. This is useful to ensure that when you are adding new entries to an existing BOM document that you do not accidentally reuse a previously taken balloon number. The BOM Manager will alert you if you attempt to enter a balloon number for a new part that is outside the specified range for this revision.
Save Click this button to create the new BOM Document and corresponding Revision, if specified.