Promis.e Help

Label Point Coordinate

Used to label coordinate points in the design by entering a data point. Coordinate labels are placed in the design as text nodes. When ACS Lock is enabled, this tool labels the coordinates based on the Active ACS.

You can access this tool using the following:
  • Ribbon: Drawing > Annotate > Terrain Model > Coordinates split button
  • Toolbox: XYZ Text

Order Defines the order in which the labeled point displays — XYZ or YXZ.
Units Defines the coordinate format. Options are: Master, Sub, Working, and UORs.
Accuracy Specifies the unit of accuracy for displaying the point coordinates.
Separator Defines the coordinate delimiter. Options are: Newline, Comma, and Space.
View Allows you to choose a view's orientation to display the coordinates. (Only affects 3D files.)
X Prefix, Y Prefix, Z Prefix Allow you to specify the prefix for the x, y, and z coordinates respectively. The x, y, and z status fields at the bottom of the settings window dynamically display the x, y, and z coordinates of the current pointer location.
Note: Depending on how many elements you are labeling, or depending on the size of the elements, you may want to change the point size of the coordinate's text (see Text Styles).