Promis.e Help

Insert Wire Link

Used to insert a wire link symbol in the current drawing.

Accessed from:

  • 2D Design Ribbon > Wiring Group

The Insert Symbol/Macro dialog displays listing the Wire Link symbols available to place.

Once you select a symbol and place it in the drawing the following dialog displays:

Wire Link ID The software automatically prompts the next available device ID based on the format that is defined for the current project. User can accept the prompted Wire Link Tag or type a different ID in the fields provided. After the first wire link is placed, the same ID will be prompted for any additional wire links that are placed.
Wire Link Tag The Search button displays the Select Wire Link ID dialog. This dialog allows user to select an existing wire link ID to assign to the new symbol.
Link Index Sets the connection order between wire links with the same ID. The software will prompt a number, but user can use any. The software will evaluate the connections in ascending order based on the index number. In drawings, the link index number appears with a slash after the link tag (example: 1264/1) until the corresponding wire link is placed at which time the index number is replaced with the cross reference information.
Wire Link Usage Displays the Wire Link Usage dialog which shows how the selected wire link ID is being used in the project.
Link Type

Select one of the three link types: Pair, Star Group or Multi-Reference Group.

  • Primary - When the Star Group is selected, this check-box becomes available. Select this check-box to designate this wire link as the primary one in the star group. All other wire links in the group will cross reference back to the primary.
Designate as Wire Starting Point The current link will be the starting point for the software to assign wire links with this ID. When user places a wire link with a previously unused ID, this check-box is selected by default. The starting point affects the automatic wire numbering function: if the wire numbering format uses page/line numbers and the starting point is on a higher numbered page that is connected through a wire link to a lower numbered page, the wire number with the higher page number will be assigned first and carried back to the lower numbered page.
Multiple Placement Select this check-box to place two wire links at a time. User is prompted to select the direction and insertion point for the second wire link.