Promis.e Help

Wire Link Cross Reference Format Dialog

Accessed when the Edit button is pressed from one of the Wire Link Cross Reference field in the Options > Display Formats page.

Profile Name Displays the name of the current Wire Link Cross Reference profile. The profile is a saved Wire Link format. You can create new profiles, save them and reload them as your project needs require.
Save Profile This option saves the changes to the current profile. If desired, you can change the entry in the Profile Name field and save the changed profile under a different name.
Load Profile Loads a previously saved profile.
Wire Link Cross Reference Elements On the left side of the dialog is a list of available elements that can be added to the device tag.
Add to Expression To add an element to the Wire Link Cross Reference format, select it, then click the Add to Expression button. It will then be shown on the right side of the dialog as part of the Wire Link Cross Reference.
Reset Use to reload the combination of variables that you had when you entered the dialog.
Clear Use to empty the field of all selected elements.
Example Provides a display of how the Wire Link Cross Reference will appear in the drawing.

You can further format the device tag by selecting (highlighting) one of the selected elements. When you do this, additional fields become active.

The Prefix and Suffix fields allow you to define a character string that will be placed at the beginning (Prefix) or end (Suffix) of the label element.

The Width and Fill with fields allow you to set the number and type of characters that will be used for the selected Wire Link Cross Reference element. These fields become available when you select a Wire Link Cross Reference element and then select the Fixed number of characters check box. (If you do not select this check box the software will use as many characters as necessary for a given value.)

The entry in the Width field sets the number of digits that will be used for the value (more will be used if necessary).

The Fill with field defines the character that will be used if necessary to fill out the value to match the width value.

The Duplicate Character area of the dialog allows you to format how tags will be labeled when more than one symbol of the same type are placed on the same line. The First number/character field defines how the symbols will be labeled, numbers or letters, and what the first value will be. The Separator field defines the character that will divide the value from the rest of the device tag. If you select the Suppress first occurrence check box, then the first item on the line will not have the additional value, but succeeding items will. For example: PB123, PB123.1, PB123.2.

When you have made the desired changes to the Wire Link Cross Reference format, use the Save Profile button to save the changes for all future projects using the profile.