Promis.e Help

Add Wire Label

Used to adjust the settings that control how labels should be displayed.

Accessed from:

  • 2D Design Ribbon > Wiring Properties Group

Changes made in this dialog only affect the label of the selected line. Any existing labels will be unaffected.

Wire label display format

There are two options available:

Wire Tag (only): Displays only the Tag number defined for the wire as shown:

Wire Tag (complete): If you have build an custom expression of properties you would like to display on a wire (such as Gauge/Size, Color etc) it would display as follows:

A default option is normally defined in the Wire Settings > Label Preferences tab of the Options dialog.

Assignment method The Assignment Method of manual vs. automatic refers to whether the wire label and its properties were assigned with the automatic wire number tool or manually through the wire manager. Users can toggle it back and forth manually if they wish because this only is utilized by the Delete wire number/properties function.
Note: The most common workflow is to delete automatically assigned data and reassign that again with the automatic tool, but leave alone manually assigned values which may have been explicitly named for a particular reason.
Text Style Select the style of text to use for the label.
Alignment Select the text alignment from the list of options.
Offset This offsets the label from the selected line. A default of 0.0325 is defined which sets the label on top of the wire. A larger number will offset the placement of the label away from the wire.
Show wire/tags/properties for all branches

When enabled, it will show the tags for all branches leading into/from a component similar to the example below:

In the example, the label on M148 is representing two distinct physical wires. The first wire comes from M145 and connects into M148 with a gauge/color of 14/RED. The second wire comes from M148 and goes to M151 with a gauge/color of 12/BLK. So when you have a branch of wire that represents more than one physical wire in the real world this toggle will display the wire properties of each physical wire as opposed to just showing the properties of one wire.