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Update Symbol

Once a symbol has been used in a project its definition is stored within the project. This means that the symbols stored with a project may not match the similarly-named symbols in your master catalogs. This could happen if a symbol is modified on the system after creating a project or if a project was imported from another user who has a different symbol. The followingn dialog displays letting you update the symbol.

This function lets the user compare symbols in a selected project with any similarly-named symbols in the symbol catalogs. It also lets the user replace symbols in the project with the symbols that exist in the catalog.

Accessed from:

  • Replace Ribbon > Catalog Group
Project Select the desired project in the Project field. The symbols in this project will be compared to your symbol catalogs for differences.
Get Symbol List Select the Get Symbol List button to perform the comparison function. Any symbols in the catalog that are different from similarly-named symbols in the project will be listed in the Update Symbol dialog.
Note: If no mismatched symbols are found you will see the message, No symbol needs to be updated for this project.
OK To replace (update) the symbols in the project, select the OK button. You will be prompted with the symbols one by one in the Replace Symbol dialog. Use this dialog to select the catalog symbol that will replace the symbol in the project.