Promis.e Help

Text Styles Dialog, General Tab

Contains controls for setting general text style attributes.

Font Sets the Active Font — the font (typeface) of text when placed.

The Font option menu lists all RSC, TrueType, and non-bigfont SHX fonts (grouped by type, in that order) found on your system. If you want to specify a SHX bigfont for your base SHX font, use the controls on the Advanced tab. A SHX bigfont can only be specified if the base font is a SHX font.

ACTIVE FONT [ font_name|font_number ]
FT= [ font_name|font_number ]
Height Sets the Active Text Height — the height, in working units, of text upon placement.
ACTIVE TXHEIGHT [ mu:su:pu ]
TH= [ mu:su:pu ]
Width Sets the Active Text Width — the width, in working units, of text upon placement.
ACTIVE TXWIDTH [ mu:su:pu ]
TW= [ mu:su:pu ]
Annotation Scale Lock icon Displays the on or off status of the Annotation Scale lock. When placing text, the lock must be on to ensure that text is placed at the defined Annotation Scale. By default, the annotation scale is taken from the model's Annotation Scale setting. You can change it only in the model's properties in the Properties dialog. The exception is when the model's Propagate Annotation Scale property is off. In that case, the annotation scale can be controlled independently for each element via its properties.
Slant (Only available if Italics is on) Sets the angle, in degrees, by which text is slanted when placed.
Justification Sets the position of text relative to its origin (the position where the data point is entered when using the Place Text tool). Promis.e supports all justification types for both single-line or multi-line text.
  • Left Top
  • Left Center
  • Left Bottom
  • Left Descender
  • Center Top
  • Center Center
  • Center Bottom
  • Center Descender
  • Right Top
  • Right Center
  • Right Bottom
  • Right Descender
ACTIVE TXJ [ CB | CC | CT | LB | LC | LT | RB | RC | RT ]
Color If on, allows you to select the color of the text when placed, using the color picker, True Color value or Color Book.
Bold Bold text when placed, if on.
Italics Italicize text when placed, if on.
Underline Underline text when placed, if on.
Overline Place a line over the text when placed, if on.
Fractions (Available only if Verticals is not selected) If on, this placement option automatically creates fractions when a "/" (normal stacked fraction) or "#" (diagonal stacked fraction) is encountered. This setting only affects text during placement, and is not persisted on the resulting element(s). This means that when editing elements with this style, the Fractions setting’s value is taken from the active settings, not the element.

Three configuration variables also control the format of fractions:

Vertical (Available only if Fractions is not selected) Orient text vertically when placed, if on.
Full Justification If on, perform full text justification. Full justification adjusts word spacing so that no word is hyphenated to complete a line of text.