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Termination Editor

The Termination Editor lets the user combine several part number types into a single selectable Class. For example, instead of selecting five different types of Panduit ring terminals, you can just select a class called Ring. This greatly reduces the data entry that is required when editing the parts database to assign the types of terminations that a part will accept. It also allows you to assign your own preferred terminology for types of terminations instead of using the predefined Panduit part type codes. Lastly, it allows groups to be created that are tailored to the parts used at your company.

Accessed from:

  • Manage Ribbon > Utilities Group
Note: This function requires that you have the Panduit.mdb database file in your plugins\Panduit folder.

The top part of the dialog allows you to select a class and filter the list of termination part types. The center part of the dialog lists the Panduit termination catalog types. The lower part of the dialog lists the types that have been assigned to the selected class.

Select Class Select from a list of existing classes. This will load the settings for a class allowing you to view/edit if desired.
Description Contains a short description of the selected class.
Filter area This area as indicated in the image above, operates in the same manner as the standard Panduit part selection utility. When you select a filter, the part types that are listed are filtered accordingly.
Panduit Types Area This area of the dialog displays the filtered Panduit Catalog type designations. Double-click a catalog type to define it as valid for the current class. Items that are selected in this way are listed in the Selected area in the lower part of the dialog.
Selected Area This area in the lower part of the dialog shows any types assigned to the current class. To remove a type, double-click on the type designation.
New Class

Select the New Class button to display the following dialog:

  • Enter a name for the new class in the Class field.
  • Enter a brief description of the class in the Description field.
  • Click OK to save the class. It will display in the Termination Editor dialog.
Delete Class

To delete a class, select a class from the Select Class field and click this button.

A dialog will appear prompting you to delete the class. Select the OK button in this dialog to delete the class. The class will be removed from the list of classes.

Save Will save the changes made to the loaded class.