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Select Classes and Types Dialog

Used to assign classes and types to the connection.

Accessed when:

Classes Displays a list of previously defined classes.
Selected Double click on a class in the Classes section to display it here.
Apply Click to assign the selected class to the connection selected in the Assign Connection Points dialog.

Types Tab

In the Types tab you can see information on the existing Panduit catalog types.

Filter area The Filter area at the top of the dialog operates in the same manner as the standard Panduit part selection utility. When you select a filter, the part types that are listed are filtered accordingly.
Panduit Types Area This area of the dialog displays the filtered Panduit Catalog type designations. Double-click a catalog type to define it as valid for the current class. Items that are selected in this way are listed in the Selected area in the lower part of the dialog.
Selected Area This area in the lower part of the dialog shows any types assigned to the current class. To remove a type, double-click on the type designation.