Promis.e Help

SQL Window

Used to submit SQL statements to interactively interrogate the database and add, edit, and remove rows from tables.

You can access this dialog from the following:
  • Key-in: SQL

Submit Submits the typed SQL statement.

The result of the database query is displayed row by row in the SQL Window. However, SQL error messages are displayed in the status bar.

Accept Confirms rows are set.
Next Retrieves the next row.
Stop Aborts the display of rows.
File menu/Open… Opens the Open SQL Command File dialog, which is used to open a SQL command file and submit the SQL statement in the file.

A SQL command file is an ASCII file that contains a single SQL statement. SQL command files are useful for storing frequently used SQL statements. The statement can be continued on multiple lines.

Any SQL statement that begins with the "@" character is treated as a reference to a command file. If the ".sql" extension is omitted, it is assumed. For example:


processes the SQL statement in the file "query.sql."

File menu/Save As… Opens the Save SQL Command File As dialog, which is used to specify a command file in which to save the SQL statement in the text field in the SQL Window.