Promis.e Help

Replace Text

This dialog lets the user globally replace device tags, symbol text or standard text on the currently active drawing page.

Accessed from:

  • Replace Ribbon > Page Group
Search Select whether the replacement will occur on the current page, on selected pages, or in the entire project.
Text Type Select the kind of text you are replacing. The choices are Text (normal drawing text), Device Tag and Symbol Attribute.
Old Enter the text that you wish to replace. Any text entered will be treated as a wildcard entry. In other words, it will find the specified characters even if they exist in a longer string of text (of the selected type.
New Enter the new text that is to replace the old text.
Case Sensitive Select this check-box to make the replace function apply only to text that exactly matches the upper/lower case letters entered in the Old field.

When you click OK, the software will search for the first occurrence of the old text. It will then display the text in the dialog.

Exchange Replaces one occurrence of the text.
Exchange All Replaces all occurrences of the text.
Next Skips the replace for the current occurrence. The current occurrence will remain unchanged and the software will seek the next occurrence.