Promis.e Help

Replace Symbol

This dialog lets the user replace one type of symbol with another, on one page, on selected pages, or throughout a project.

Accessed from:

  • Replace Ribbon > Catalog Group
Search Select whether the replacement will occur on the current page, on selected pages, or in the entire project.
Find Symbol Choose the symbol that will be replaced. If you select the Select Symbols option, the Select button will become active and you can select one or more symbols in the current drawing. Only the individual symbol(s) you select will be replaced. After selecting the desired symbol(s), right-click or press <Enter> to return to the Replace Symbol dialog. If you select the Enter Symbol Name option, you can enter the symbol name or use the Browse button to select from a list of symbols.
Replace with Select the symbol that will replace the selected symbol(s). Use the Browse button to make the selection. The Select Symbol dialog will appear.

You can distinguish between the symbol in the catalog and the symbol in the project by looking at the Catalog column. This column indicates whether the symbol exists in the project or in a specific catalog as shown in the following figure.

Maintain on New Symbol Use the check boxes to select aspects of the existing symbol that you wish to preserve.
Use New Symbol Settings Select this check box to make settings that will apply to the replacement symbols.