Promis.e Help

Replace Symbol Text

This dialog lets the user replace attribute text of any existing symbols based on device ID and attribute prompt from a text file.

Accessed from:

  • Replace Ribbon > Catalog Group
Replace In Select the Project option if you wish to replace text throughout an entire project. Select the Active Page option if you wish to replace text only on a selected page.
Selected Project Use the Browse button to select the project where the replacement will occur.
Selected Page Select the page of the project on which you wish the replacement to occur. This field is only active if the Active Page option is selected.
Input File Use the Browse button to locate and select the file that contains the replacement symbol text. Replacement text files can be in either Excel (xls) or ASCII format.

If importing an ASCII file it should have lines containing the following information, each item in quotes and separated by commas:

"installation","location","device tag","attribute name", "new text string" 
Note: The double quotation marks are not required in Excel.