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Edit Region Connections

Opens the Region Connection Editor which lets you define region connections on a Panel Layout drawing.

Accessed from:

  • Panel Design Ribbon > Panel Routing Group

A region typically represents a single panel. You might have one region for the items mounted on the door and another region for the items mounted on the back panel. Therefore, by defining regions you are telling the software which items are on the same panel.

This dialog contains a series of boxes that represent the regions you have defined. Each box is labeled with the name of the region and the name of the exit point(s) that you created for that region. Drag each region box to a convenient position for creating connection lines between them (you will be able to re-position the boxes later if necessary).

To create a connection between panels, drag an exit point from one panel to the desired exit point on the next panel. A line will appear between the two exit points. The line represents the route (raceway, conduit, etc.) between the two regions. This line is elastic, so that if you move the region boxes around in the dialog it will stay connected to the two exit points.

Add Junction Adds junction boxes to the connection diagram. These are useful if you wish each region to have only one exit point. To add a junction box, select the Add Junction button. Junction boxes will be labeled Junction-1, Junction-2, etc., by default. Junction boxes are also useful if you wish to provide a path to connect a region to several other regions.
Delete Junction Deletes the selected junction box.
Validity Check

Tests the region connections for the following conditions:

  • Verifies each junction box has at least two region connections connecting to it.
  • Verifies each region connection has a defined length attribute.
  • Verifies each connection point has a corresponding exit point on the layout pages.
  • Verifies that each region has at least one region connection connected to it.
  • Verifies that exit points fall within the boundary of the region.

Any problem conditions will be listed in the dialog.

Click Save and you will be prompted to define a location where you can save the information to a text file.

Save Saves the region connection information to a text file.