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Attach Raster Reference Dialog

Used to attach raster references to the active design file.

You can access this dialog from the following:
  • Ribbon: Drawing > Attach > Raster > Attach Raster

  • Raster Manager Dialog: File > Attach
  • Raster Control toolbox: select the Attach tool
Raster attachments can be attached in a Raster Reference. It is now possible to select the foreground color and transparent background of a monochrome raster in the Attach Raster Reference dialog. The raster preview reflects the foreground color selected.

Attach Raster Reference dialog

Look in Lists the drives and directories for selection.
List box Lists files for selection. The files listed reside in the directory chosen in the Look in option menu, filtered according to the file type chosen in the Files of type option menu. Double-clicking a filename in the list box selects the file.

Multiple selections are allowed. If more than one file is selected, however, the Place Interactively toggle is disabled. Also disabled is the Logical Name field (these may be modified later via the Properties dialog, which you can opened either by double-clicking on the raster(s) or by clicking the Properties icon).

File name Sets the name of the raster reference file you want to attach.
Files of Type Option menu to set the type of files to display in the list box.
Open as read-only If on, the raster is opened in read-only mode. It defaults to the values specified in the Raster Manager category in File > Settings > User > Preferences . By changing the status of this toggle, the preferences will automatically be updated.
Place Interactively (Disabled if more than one file selected) If ON, lets you place the image interactively, with two data points. The number of rows and columns, and the aspect ratio of the image, are preserved. The image's pixel size is modified to fit the rectangle.

If the raster is attached from ProjectWise, the "Place Interactively" toggle will only be accessible in the Raster Attachment Options dialog. The Raster Attachment Options dialog always opens when a raster is attached from ProjectWise.

Note: Rotation and Affinity values are not applied to image(s) when attached with the "Place Interactively" toggle set to ON.
Open Settings Dialog Opens the Attachment Options dialog which lets you set the options for the attachment.
Open Attaches the selected files.
Go to Last Folder Visited Returns to the last folder that you opened.
Up One Level Moves up one directory from your current location.
View Menu Allows you to select how to display the files in the directory.
  • Thumbnails — Shows a thumbnail image of the files in the directory.
  • Tiles — Displays the file by name, type and size of file.
  • Icons — Displays the files by the product-specific icon.
  • List — Shows a list of the files in the directory.
  • Details — Allows you to select what details you want to display for the files listed.
Directory > Select Configuration Variable Opens the Select Configuration Variable dialog. Use this dialog to change the directory of files listed in the list box by selecting a configuration variable whose definition points to a different directory.

  • List box — Lists path and directory configuration variables for selection.
  • OK — Accepts the selected configuration variable and closes the dialog. The directory whose files are listed in the Files list box in the Open dialog changes to the directory specified in the configuration variable definition.
Directory > folder history Lists the folders that were most recently opened. The desired folder can be chosen from the menu.