Promis.e Help

Project Options

The Project Options area of the Options dialog enables the user to define global project settings. Initially, a selection of functions will appear on the right side of the dialog. The user can also select functions in the column on the left side of the dialog. Once a function is selected, the entry fields for that function appear on the right side of the dialog.

Note: Project Options functions are only available when a project name is selected in the Project Manager or when a page in the desired project is open.
Save Options File Displays the Save System Options Profile As dialog, which enables the user to save the current settings to an external .xml file.
Project Settings Specifies project descriptions and address files that appear in title blocks and reports.
Page Settings Specifies page descriptions that appear in title blocks and reports and sets the page layout options.
Revision Control Defines revision control settings.
ProjectWise Attributes Mapping Maps ProjectWise attributes to Promis.e
Display Formats Sets the format of device IDs, wire numbers and cross references.
Standards Defines general standards, grid and snap settings, text settings, and reference file options.
Wire Settings Sets connection preferences, label preferences, wire layer configuration, and default wire properties.
Wiring Diagram Settings Defines the appearance and content of wiring diagram drawings.
Balloon Defines settings that determine how balloons appear in various drawing types.
Part Number Settings Specifies BOM Explorer settings, default parts database, and equipment number settings.
PLC Defines the format of PLC card I/O addresses and imports PLC descriptive text from existing files.
Region Settings Sets the date, time, and currency value formats.