Promis.e Help

Create Link Dialog

Used to add links to websites, e-mail addresses, key-ins, and link sets to your link set.

To open Create Link dialog, go to Explorer dialog Links tab > Create Link drop-down > select Key-in Link, URL Link, or Linkset Link in the dialog.

Type Used to select the type of link to create: URL, Link Set, or Key-in.
Text box Type the website's address, the e-mail address, or the key-in syntax in this text box. You can also select the type of URL link from the drop-down list.
  • http:// — A website on a regular server.
  • https:// — A website on a secure server.
  • mailto: — An e-mail address.
Select Linkset icon Opens a pop-up window to select the link set to be linked. Enabled only when Linkset is selected.