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Pen Table - Map Design Weights to Output Width Dialog

Used to specify print output widths for each of the weight values. Corresponds to the Weight_strokes record in the printer driver configuration file. Weight maps have lower priority than both pen color maps and element-based output actions.

You can access this dialog from the following:
  • Modify Pen Table dialog: click the Map Pen Weights button

Create Creates an initial set of 32 design-weight-to-output-width maps.
Edit (Enabled only when one or more weight table entries are selected) Opens the Edit Weight Map(s) dialog, which is used to edit the selected weight table entries.
Edit > Create New Weight Maps Creates an initial set of 32 design-weight-to-print width maps. Same as clicking the Create button.
Edit > Import from Printer Driver Configuration Opens the Import weight maps from printer driver configuration file dialog, which lets you select an existing printer driver configuration file from which to import weight records.
Edit > Edit Selected Weight Maps (One or more weight maps selected only) Opens the Edit Weight Map(s) dialog, which lets you set the parameters for the weight map(s). Same as clicking the Edit button.
Clear All Weight Maps Deletes all weight maps from the dialog.
List box Displays the current settings for the pen mapping:
  • Design Weight — design weights 0 through 31 can be mapped.
  • Print Width — optional print width in either millimeters or inches.