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The PLC page allows you to define the format of PLC card I/O addresses and import PLC descriptive text from existing files.

Note: When creating a PLC symbol, the connection points order needs to include all of the addressed connections in order. Non-addressed connections need to appear after the addressed points. This also applies to PLC families (children with addresses should appear before children without addresses).

Accessed from:

  • Output Ribbon > Automation Tools Group
Import File Specifies a text or spreadsheet file containing programmable controller addresses and descriptive text. Use the Browse button to view and select available files.
File Type

Allows you to select the format of the programmable controller file. The choices are Text file (txt) or Excel file (xls). The format of the text file should be as follows:

  • 1 6 (first and last column holding the PLC address)
  • 8 60 (first and last column holding descriptive text)
  • I00100 CONVEYOR START PUSHBUTTON (first address and text)
  • I00101 CONVEYOR STOP PUSHBUTTON (second address and text)

The format of the Excel format file should be as follows:

Replace Text in Project

Once the file is selected, the relevant text is automatically taken from the file and placed in the drawing.

Note: In order to use this function the PLC symbols in the schematic must have the first address entered that matches the text in the file.
Addressing This field selects I/O address numbering for programmable controller symbols. The addressing will proceed in the selected numbering system from the starting address entered by the user when the symbol is placed.
Automatic Addressing This check box selects automatic or manual I/O addressing of programmable controller module symbols. When the check box is selected, automatic addressing is in effect; the system will take the beginning address number entered by the user and assign consecutive addresses to the remaining I/O points on the module. If the Automatic Addressing check box is de-selected, manual addressing is in effect.
Check for Unique Addresses Selecting this check box causes the software to check PLC addresses for uniqueness. Uniqueness includes all of the address, PLC card attributes AND installation and location, regardless of the actual point address structure.
Input/Output Card Format

These fields allow you to define PLC card input and output addresses. The available elements are listed on the left side of the dialog.

  • Add to Expression - To add one of these elements to the PLC address format, select it and click this option. It will then appear on the right side of the dialog.
  • Example - This field shows the kind of address that the selected variables will produce using example values.
  • Remove Element - To remove an element from the format, select it, then either press the <Delete> key or right click on the element and select Delete from the menu.
  • Clear - Click this option to empty the field of all selected elements.
  • Reset - Click to reload the format that you had when you first entered the dialog.