Promis.e Help

Links Dialog

Used to update, break, or change the source of a linked object.

You can access this dialog from the following:
  • Ribbon: Drawing > Utilities > Utilities > OLE > Edit Links

Cancel/Close Closes the dialog. Cancel changes to Close after any change is made in the dialog.
Update Now Updates any new information from the source file in the design file. Use this button if you have the Manual Update radio button selected.
Open Source Used to select a source file to open.
Change Source Used to change the source of a linked object.
Break Link Breaks the link between the design file and the source file. Once a link is broken, however, the imported section still displays in the design file.
Source Shows the name of the linked object.
Type Identifies the type of the linked object.
Update These radio buttons determine how links are to be updated. Whichever you select is reflected in the Update column of the Links list box.
  • Automatic — This dialog is a Microsoft dialog and Promis.e does not support the automatic updates functionality.
  • Manual — If on, you have control over how often your design files get updated. No updates are made until you click the Update Now button in this dialog.