Promis.e Help

Move to Database Dialog

Moves existing project database content from one named database to another named database.

Opens when the user right-clicks on a project in the Project Manager and selects Move to Database from the popup menu.
Note: Note this command is only available when your setup configuration is set to SQL server and a Database Strategy of Multiple Databases is selected.

Database Select the target database from the drop down list.

There is also a Create Database option which will display the Project Database Utility dialog allowing you to create a new database if needed.

When this command is executed, the following steps are performed by Promis.e without any further interaction from the user:
  • Backup the project database. (This is database content only and does not include the drawings.)
  • Restore the project database to the new database.
    Note: If the restore fails, the entire operation is aborted.
  • Delete the data from the original database.