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Move/Copy Parallel

Used to move an element (line, line string, multi-line, curve, arc, ellipse, shape, complex chain, or complex shape), or copy an element, segment of an element or portion of an element, parallel to the original.

You can access this tool from the following:

  • Ribbon: Drawing > Home > Manipulate
  • Ribbon: Modeling > Home > Manipulate
  • Toolbox: Manipulate


Move or copy the element.
Segment of Element

Copy a segment of an element.
Portion of Element

Copy the selected portion of an element.
Mode Determines the method by which the gap created, by moving two connected elements to a parallel location, is filled.
  • Miter — Extends or shortens connecting segments while maintaining the angle of their connections.
  • Round — Fills the gap with a rounded arc between the two moved elements.
  • Original — Fills in the gap in the manner that the resulting element is the same type as the original element. For some element types — for example, ellipses — original does not produce a true parallel offset. With an ellipse Miter or Round results in a B-spline, a true parallel offset, rather than an ellipse.
Distance If on, lets you define the distance to move or copy the element.
Use Active Attributes If on, the moved or copied element takes on the active attributes.

If off, the moved or copied element retains the attributes of the existing element.

Make Copy (Element only) If on, makes a copy of the selected element.
Tip: You can instead use the Move Element tool in conjunction with AccuDraw to constrain element movement.