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Solar Study Dialog, Settings Section

The items in this group box control the general settings of the solar study.

View Sets the view in which to render the solar study.
Resolution The X field sets the image's horizontal resolution. The Y field sets the image's vertical resolution. If you key in a value in either the X or Y field, the other field changes so that the view's aspect ratio is maintained.
No. of Frames Sets the number of frames in the sequence.
Speed Sets the amount of time that each frame in a sequence displays during playback. The fastest possible speed setting is 60 frames per second, in which case each frame displays for 1/60 of a second. The actual playback speed depends on the speed of your system's CPU and display hardware and the amount of information that changes between frames.
Gamma Sets the brightness of the images in the output file(s). The default value is 1.0; the valid range is 0.1–3.0. Increasing the Gamma Correction lightens the images; decreasing it darkens the images.
Solar Shadows If on, shadows will be cast by the solar light. If off, no solar shadows will be cast.
Render Setup Lists the saved rendering setups.
Render Mode Sets the rendering method.
Antialias If on, the image(s) are antialiased.