Promis.e Help

Define Defaults Dialog

Used to set the defaults for adding cells to a cell selector file and defining the cells' buttons.

You can access this dialog from the following:
  • Cell Selector dialog: Edit > Defaults

Some of the defaults set in this dialog are used in the Define Button dialog.

Use Full Path If on, shows the full cell library path in the Define Button dialog.
Show Filled Shapes If on (the default), filled shapes in a cell appear as filled on the button.
Font The number that represents the style of font used to display the name on the button.
Show List box that allows you to choose how to display the cell in the Cell Selector dialog. The choices are Cell (graphics), Cell Name, Description, Cell and Name.
Color List box that allows you to select the default color of the new buttons.
View (3D) Allows you to select the orientation in which 3D cells appear.
Key-in Opens a list box which allows you to choose which part of the cell component you want to use to set up the default key-in. The choices are Active Cell, Active Point, Active Pattern, Active Terminator, and User Defined.
Key-in Prefix If an option other than User Defined is selected in the Key-in list box, the key-in associated with that selection appears.
Cell Name If on, inserts cell as default key-in.
Suffix Used to add a standard suffix to the default cell names.