Promis.e Help

Create Point Symbol Dialog

Used to create a point symbol.

You can access this dialog from the following:
  • Line Editor dialog: Click the Create button.
    Note: You need to first select the items that you wish to make a point symbol from; then create a new point symbol by giving it a name and link it to a point component.

Name Sets the name of the point symbol to create. The maximum number of characters is 16; spaces are not permitted.
OK If a point symbol origin is pre-defined using the Define Cell Origin tool, creates the point symbol with the specified Name.

Otherwise, prompts for entry of a data point to define the point symbol origin; the point symbol is created with the specified Name upon entry of the data point.

CREATE SYMBOL [ symbol name ]
DELETE SYMBOL [ symbol name ]
The Delete Symbol tool provides the ability to delete symbols from a line style resource file. A line style library must be active to use this tool. If the line style editor is open, the selected library is used, otherwise the most recently used library in the session is used.

A symbol being referenced by any point component cannot be deleted.