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Extract Faces/Edges

Used to extract a face or edge from a solid or surface. Tool settings let you define the symbology (level, color, weight, and style) of the extracted face or edge.

You can access this tool from the following:

  • Ribbon: Modeling > Solids > Solid Utilities
  • Toolbox: Solid Utilities

In operation, you can select one or more faces on a solid or surface, as follows:

  • After selecting the solid or surface, as you move the screen pointer over it, the face nearest the pointer highlights. A data point selects the highlighted face, which remains highlighted.
  • You can select additional faces using <Ctrl> data points. That is, press <Ctrl> and move the pointer until the required face highlights. While still holding down the <Ctrl> key, enter a data point to select the highlighted face.
  • To select a face that is behind another in the view, enter a data point (or <Ctrl> data point) on the face, which will highlight the nearest face. Then enter Resets until the required face highlights.
  • You can use Resets also to deselect an incorrect face. Where a number of faces have been selected, consecutive Resets will deselect them in the reverse order (that is, the last face selected is the first face deselected).

Extract Sets the type of element to be extracted:
  • Faces — Extract selected faces from the solid or surface.
  • Edges — Extract selected edges from the solid or surface.
  • Untrimmed Surfaces — Extract the untrimmed surface. That is, the original surface, prior to modification.
Level If on, sets the level on which the extracted element is placed.
Color If on, sets the color of the extracted element.
Weight If on, sets the line weight of the extracted element.
Style If on, sets the line style of the extracted element.