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Label Terrain Contours

Used to place additional labels for elevation on selected contours. Contours label automatically as a property of the terrain model element. You can place additional labels with this tool.

You can access this tool from the following:

  • Ribbon: Drawing > Annotate > Terrain Model
  • Toolbox: Terrain Model

Terrain Model Name of the selected terrain model.
Annotation mode All Contours places a label on all selected contours.

Major Contours Only places labels on major contours.

Text Alignment Up Slope orients the text labels to always read as though you are standing at the bottom of a hill and looking uphill.

Follow Line orients the text labels so the direction of the line used to select the contours determines text orientation.

Dimension Style Sets the current dimension style from a list of all available dimension styles.

To create or select a dimension style, click the browse icon to open the Dimension Styles dialog.

To restore any dimension-related tool settings to the default dimension style settings, click the Reset Style icon.

Annotation Scale Lock icon
If on, makes the contour’s annotations use the active model’s annotation scale.