Promis.e Help

Insert Macro

Used to place objects in the current model using a Macro. A macro is a collection of symbols, wires and other elements that can be placed on a drawing. A number of macros are provided with the software or the user can also create custom macros.

Accessed from:

  • 2D Design Ribbon > Components Group
  • Panel Design Ribbon > Components Group

Components Center (Technical Preview) - Access to catalogs stored in the Components Center has been added as a technical preview in Promis.e . The Components Center allows an organization (usually the project administrator) upload catalog content which can be accessed from any machine with a user account.

Functionality for the Components Center is defined in the Components Center section of the Options dialog.

Note: Selecting the pin button in the upper right corner of the dialog will cause the dialog to reopen after you finish placing a symbol or macro.
Note: Many of the panes available in the interface can be moved, docked, minimized, or closed to suit your preference.
Catalog Tree Enables you to navigate to a specific macro location. You can filter the list of macros by selecting a folder in the tree.
Filters Panel
  • Advanced Filter Editor - Using this control you can create any number of conditions and combine them in any manner using any logical operator. Click the + button to add a new condition. Select the field you want to filter on. Then pick the logical operator and specify your criteria. You can click the X to clear a filter condition.
  • Apply Filter - Press this button to apply the filter settings.
Name If you know the name of the macro that you wish to place in the drawing, you can enter it in this field. As you enter the name of the macro, any existing symbols that match the entered characters will be listed in the grid.
Symbol List

The software lists all the macros that match any filters that you have applied. You can apply additional filters by selecting a field heading and picking the down arrow which displays all the values for that field. Picking a value will filter the list of macros and only list those that have that value.

Clicking on a field heading will sort the list in ascending order. Clicking a second time will sort it in descending order.

You can click and drag the fields in any order you wish. Right clicking on any field heading will allow you select which fields from the database you wish to display. You can toggle on/off fields as desired.

You can select the macro that you want to place from the list.

Macro Settings
  • If you do not want the device IDs of any symbols in the macro to be automatically updated to reflect their new position, select the Maintain Device IDs as created when inserting Macro check-box. (You will still be prompted with the original device ID). You can choose to maintain the device tag only or the complete ID.
  • If wire links were stored as part of the macro and the Maintain Wire Link IDs as created when inserting Macro check-box is selected, these will appear when the macro is placed and will not be updated automatically to reflect their new position. You can choose to maintain the device tag only or the complete ID.
  • If wire numbers were stored as part of the macro and the Maintain Wire Numbers as created when inserting Macro check-box is selected, these will appear when the macro is placed. If the macro's wire numbers are connected to existing wire numbers in the project, the existing wire numbers will take precedence. If the wire numbers would create a duplicate wire number, they will have ? appended. You can choose to maintain the wire tag only or the complete ID.

  • When inserting a macro, the Maintain macro check-box enables you to control whether the macro elements will maintain their associativity.
Recently Used Panel Lists the last 10 macros that you had previously placed. The list is remembered the next time you restart the software and is not project specific.
Preview Panel Shows a preview of the macro for the selected part number based on the current drawing mode.
Settings Flyout Selecting the down arrow on this button will flyout the button menu with three choices:
  • Macro Settings - Opens the Macro Settings dialog which allows you to specify a rotation angle, scale factor, and mirror setting which gets applied to any new symbol you insert.
  • Group Settings - Opens the group settings dialog. If you select more than one item you can place them as a group. You can make settings to determine how symbols are placed as a group.
  • Reset Dialog - If you had changed the layout of the dialog from the default or closed any panels you can reset the dialog to its default layout.
Place Macro Places a new macro, based on the symbol settings specified.