Promis.e Help

Gauge Table Editor

The Gauge Table Editor lets the user define diameters for the gauges used in your project.

Accessed from:

  • Manage Ribbon > Utilities Group
The names used for gauges can vary from company to company and this function ensures that your preferred gauge names have defined values. This information is used by the Shortest Distance Routing function and the Panduit Auto Size-Space function to make percent fill calculations. This dialog presents a list of multiple names for various wire gauges. The gauge names are listed in the Gauge column.
New Expands the dialog to display additional editing fields.
Edit Expands the dialog to display additional editing fields.
Delete Removes the selected gauge name from the list.
Outside Diameter Select the desired diameter value in the Outside Diameter field. This will filter the display to include only gauge names that have the selected diameter assigned.
Primary Indicates if this gauge name is the primary name of this Outside Diameter (OD) value. When the check box is selected the gauge name is the primary name. For example, say that the diameter 0.008 has four gauge names, 32AWG, 32# AWG, 32#, 32. If you select the Primary check-box for 32AWG, then 32AWG will be displayed in the drop-down list of gauges when you assign or edit a wire number in Promis.e (the check box can be selected using the Edit function).
OD Lists Outside Diameter values for each gauge name.