Promis.e Help

Cell Link

Applications frequently need to associate database information with cells. The Cell Link utility ("") links a cell library with an existing database table by attaching database linkages on the headers of the library cells.

You should check the following before loading the Cell Link utility to ensure that it will work correctly:

  • As cells are placed into the design, the linkages are copied with the cells. The Linkage Mode on the Database dialog determines whether a new row is added to the database table. When using the Cell Link utility, it is recommended you set Linkage Mode to Information to preserve the table rows.
  • The database table must have a column that contains the cell names. The column can have any name.
  • The first linkage type in the MS_LINKTYPE configuration variable definition specifies the type of linkage for attachment.
  • The cell library must be attached before linkages can be attached to or detached from its cells.
Note: The utility does not assign mslink keys to rows. Every row in the table that will be linked to the cell must have an mslink key before the utility is used.