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New and Changed in Promis.e CONNECT Edition Update 4

The following items summarize the new features and enhancements in the Promis.e CONNECT Edition Update 4 release.

Components Center

The Components Center is now available to Promis.e users for content sharing across the enterprise.

Components Center is a cloud-based digital component library and catalog management service. It allows users to efficiently manage their digital component libraries while providing their designers with approved, proprietary components as well as manufacturer's content via subscriptions.

Components Center users can create their own organization catalogs and populate them with content provided by Bentley or upload custom content to share among all their users.

Standard Promis.e content placement tools now show content from Components Center. The first time a component is inserted it will be downloaded to a local cache folder making it faster to insert the next time you use that component.

Work Order Management

Several exciting new features have been introduced that provide enhanced capabilities for executing Brownfield design changes in the form of work orders. The following features work in tandem with one another:
  • Work Order Manager: Allows you to define a work order number, description, status, and other properties for a Brownfield design project. The ability to import work orders from a third party system like SAP is also possible in this interface.
  • Properties Control: Allows you to assign work orders, bill of material documents, revisions, and other custom properties to components that are used in your design files.
  • Thematic Manager: Allows you to create and apply visual styles to components based on any property value such as work order. You have the ability to color code, change line types, or even turn On or Off the display of any components that match the filter criteria specified in the theme you create. This makes highlighting design changes for a given work order straightforward and simple.
  • BOM Manager: Allows you to define bills of material for any given work order, document, and revision. You can add new parts or edit existing items. Validation checks ensure that your BOM data is accurate. With some required customization, you can submit your BOM data in JSON format to a purchasing system like SAP.

Administrative Tools Enhancements

The following administrative enhancements were added for this release:
  • Command protection now includes Move Project To File System: Administrators can now limit the user's ability to restore projects in their local environments (users can be prevented from restoring projects the local database).
  • Life Cycle Manager Settings are added to the Options dialog: After enabling the use of a third-party asset management application option, users can select between using the active project database or another database. The database is used as a container for data exchange with third-party asset management application.

    Custom attributes for symbols and wires can be added from the Custom Attributes tab.

  • Project Auto Backup functionality is added to the Manage tab: The Auto Backup can also be configured to work as a batch process on user-defined intervals. The user has to define the target path (where backup projects will be saved) and a path to projects rot folder (projects to be backed up). This is done in the AutoBackup Settings dialog.
    Note: Multiple root folders can be selected.

Productivity Enhancements

The following enhancements were made to improve the productivity of Promis.e :
  • Workorder management variables are added to the report template: Workorder, Document Number, Revision Number, and Lifecycle variables have been added to the report template. Those can be added to various reports using standard reports creation/customization functionality.
  • Import Symbols text can now utilize Excel file format
  • Create macro option can now utilize Z coordinates: This option will allow specifying the correct insertion point for 3D macros.
  • The Symbols Text option is added as right-click option for the Wire Links
  • Multi text editing option is now available: Users can select multiple symbol text attributes and edit them in a single dialog.