Promis.e Help

Basic Text Editing Functions

A typical workflow for editing text follows these steps:

  1. Open the Text Editor window (for example, through the Place Text tool).
  2. Use the mouse or keyboard to position the caret (the vertical bar indicating your insertion point).
  3. Type text using the keyboard, or insert symbols through the Symbol Selector.
  4. Click the data button in a view to accept the changes or place the text.
Note: You can place text (or import text) without using the Text Editor window.
Note: The Text Editor’s display only supports TrueType Fonts. In order to display characters from a non-TrueType font, a temporary TrueType font is created automatically with the same appearance as the original font. Temporary TrueType fonts are only created the first time they are needed (and then cached across sessions), and are unloaded when the product is closed. In rare cases, generating a TrueType font can be time-consuming or produce undesired results; you can prevent the creation of temporary fonts on a font-by-font basis by modifying your font configuration file. In case you opt to not create a temporary font, the Text Editor uses a default TrueType font to display characters.