Promis.e Help

User Interface

The following enhancements are made to Promis.e 's user interface.

Welcome Page

When you start Promis.e without designating a DGN file to be opened automatically, the first window that you see is the Welcome page. The Welcome page is focused on introducing the user to Promis.e and provides quick links to Examples, Videos, and News and Announcements, and different social media websites.

Project Manager Work Page

Now the Project Manager is displayed in the Work Session Page immediately upon startup of the Promis.e application. This gives you immediate access to all the Project Manager features which enable you to quickly open Projects/Drawings and create new projects. Once a drawing is opened the ribbon menu is loaded so you can begin your work. You can return to the Project Manager by selecting the File menu in the ribbon menu at any time.

Ribbon Interface

The old menu-based interface is now replaced with a modern and user friendly ribbon interface. Ribbons help users to easily find tools and commands with minimum number of clicks. Ribbons are organized by workflows. Each workflow consists of multiple tabs, which are organized by tasks.

Ribbon Customization

You can customize the different components of the ribbon. The customization can be done from the following:
  • Pop-up menus on tabs and groups - You can show/hide tabs, groups, and tools in the groups. You can also pin/unpin groups and set same button size of all tools in the group.
  • Customize Ribbon dialog - In the Customize Ribbon dialog you can add or remove different ribbon components such as workflows, tabs, groups, buttons, panels, split buttons, drop-down buttons, menu-items, and sub menus. You can also customize the Quick Access Toolbar from the Customize Ribbon dialog .

Keyboard Shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts are shortcuts to specific groups or tools in the ribbon. The product supports multi-level keyboard shortcuts. Depending on the key-ins assigned, the tools, ribbon group pop-ups, or pop-up menus are displayed.

Screen Menus

The screen menus feature has been advanced in this release. Authoring screen menus is now much easier, and the presentation and usage of screen menus is improved. You can now create screen menus in 2D or 3D models, with the initial presentation defined by saved views. Commands are attached directly to graphic elements, and the active area is defined by Promis.e 's location logic rather than requiring text elements and special framing elements as was required in previous versions. The command information is stored as custom properties attached to the graphic elements.

Screen menus can be used to activate any Promis.e key-in, including tools, opening toolboxes, and ribbon group pop-ups. You can assign keyboard shortcuts to open pop-up menus. Alternatively you can also open a screen menu by defining a custom tool and putting it in ribbon group pop-ups.

Implementation of Windows File Open Dialogs

The File Open dialog is now upgraded to latest Windows File Open dialog.

Configuration Variables Dialog

The following enhancements are made to the Configuration Variables dialog:

  • Search - A search field is added that enables you to search a configuration variable.
  • Flag - The Flag column is added in the list box that displays icons to indicate whether you need to restart Promis.e session after editing the configuration variable or whether the configuration variable is locked for editing.
  • Resize - You can now resize the Configuration Variables dialog.

Function Key and Button Assignments

The following enhancements are made to the function key and button assignments:

  • When a function key or button menu is created or modified, the link to the new menu is stored in the files assigned to the MS_BUTTONMENU and MS_FKEYMNU configuration variables. The files assigned to the MS_BUTTONMENUSEED and MS_FKEYMNUSEED configuration variables are used as the seeds and contain the defaults.
  • The Function Keys dialog and the Button Assignments dialog are updated. The File menu is now replaced with icons.

Dialog Name Changes and Moves

The following dialogs are renamed or moved: