Promis.e Help

Line Styles in DGN Libraries

Line style libraries contain custom line style definitions. A line style definition consists of a name and one or more Line style components. In Promis.e , custom line styles can be stored in DGN libraries and files as well as in resource ".rsc" files.

When you open or create a DGN file you can use all line styles stored in all DGN libraries specified by the MS_DGNLIBLIST_LINESTYLES configuration variable, as well as the line styles in the open DGN file.

You can selectively import line styles from a V7 line style library or an AutoCAD ".lin" file into the open DGN file or library. Conversely, you can export all custom line styles stored in the open DGN file to a V7 line style library for use with MicroStation V7. To perform these operations use the File menu in the Line Style Editor dialog.

To delete unused line styles from the open DGN file, turn on Delete Unused Line Styles in the Compress Options dialog ( File > Tools > Compress Options ) and then click Compress, or key in DELETE UNUSED LINESTYLES.