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Alternate Entities to Use When Exporting Excluded IGES Entities

Unless the alternate entity is also excluded, the alternate entities for excluded IGES entities are as follows:

IGES Entity Alternate If Excluded
100. Circular Arc 126. Rational B-spline Curve
102. Composite Curve Individual component entities
104. Conic Arc 126. Rational B-spline Curve
106. Copious Data 110. Line(s)
108. Plane (Bounded) 230. Sectioned Area
116. Point 110. Line (zero length)
126. Rational B-spline Curve 106. Copious Data
128. Rational B-spline Surface 126. Rational B-spline Curves (rule lines)
142. Curve On Surface B-spline Surface boundaries are ignored
144. Trimmed Surface Grouped holes are exported as Sectioned Area entities (type 230)
212. General Note 106. Copious Data
230. Sectioned Area Bounding elements area pattern
308. Subfigure Definition Individual component entities
314. Color Definition Standard colors are used
408. Singular Subfigure Instance All cells are dropped (placed as individual entities in the IGES file)
CAUTION: If an element does not appear in the table, its exclusion causes its geometry to be omitted from the IGES file.