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Connection Point Designations and Jumpers

Connection Designations

Generally, terminals have connections on two sides. The terms "internal and external," "from and to" or "source and destination" may be used to describe these two "sides" of connections to terminals. The assignment of a "side" designation to a terminal connection can be based on positioning in the schematic (left or right of the terminal symbol) or by manual assignments made by the user. Terminal connections also can be designated as jumpers.

Default connection designations are defined at the connection points of terminal symbols. In other words, a connection point can be "set" so that anything connected to it is considered an internal connection, external connection, or a jumper. This setting can be made in several ways:
  • The terminal symbol is created by entering visible or hidden text for each connection point.
  • After the symbol is placed in a schematic by right clicking on the symbol and selecting Connection Point from the menu. The Modify Connection Point Text dialog displays.

Connection Search Priorities

The Terminal/Pin-Plug Manager causes the system to look along wires in both directions from each terminal in the schematics. Wire link references are also analyzed. The software uses search priorities in cases where a potential has more than two devices connected. These priorities are the same as those used for other functions that require device connection information.

Connection Point Designation Display on Drawing

To quickly view terminal designations on a drawing:

  1. Zoom in on the terminal symbol.
  2. Select the Display Connection Points toolbar button (if it is not already selected).
  3. Select the Display Terminal Connection Point Texts toolbar button.
  4. The connection point designations will appear beside each terminal connection point.