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To Create a Table

In the SQL Window, submit a statement in the following form: CREATE TABLE table_name (Column_name_1 Column_spec_1, Column_name_2 Column_spec_2 ,…)

Column specifications can be any type supported by SQL, including char, numeric, and date.

The only requirement to enable a row to be linked to an element is that one of the columns in the table be named mslink and the table has an entry (tablename and entity number) in the MSCATALOG.

For example, suppose you need to create a new table for the purpose of assessing real estate taxes. You might submit the following CREATE TABLE statement: CREATE TABLE assessor(clt_no char(30), as_val number(10),tax_rate number(10,4),mslink number(10))

The resulting table would be created (sample data is shown): Note the common column, clt_no, between the new table and the already existing parcel table.

clt_no as_val tax_rate mslink
119-LA 9 180,000 0.0500 37
119-LB 36 144,000 0.0500 38
119-LB 35 180,000 0.0500 39
mslink clt_no house_


name parc_value area
1 119-LA 9 220 BRIDGEWATER RD 9000 16,036
14 119-LB 36 8717 KILDARE DR 7200 16,668
15 119-LB 35 8713 KILDARE DR 9000 16,306