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Reference Override Properties

The References tab on the Print Styles dialog is used to define which references are turned on and off during printing. This is accomplished by specifying reference override entries.

By default, Print Organizer prints references as they are displayed in the design file, since a print definition does not store reference attachments. The purpose of a reference override entry is to allow you to override the default behavior, if necessary.

Reference override entries defined in multiple print styles are not merged. For example, suppose you specify a reference override entry in both a default print style and a print style that is assigned to a printer driver configuration file. The reference override entries in the default print style will be ignored and the reference override entries in the print style assigned to the printer driver configuration file will be used, since it is read last.

If the Clear references in print definitions check box is set in a print style, all of the reference override entries in the Print References list box will be removed. Applying this print style to a group of print definitions ensures that no reference override entries are used.