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To Import STB Plot Styles

  1. Open a DWG file.
  2. Select File > Print > Print.

    The Print dialog opens.

  3. Select Resymbolization > Attach Pen Table.

    The Select Pen Table File dialog opens.

  4. From the list box, select the STB file (*.stb), then click Open.
  5. Select Resymbolization > Edit Pen Table.

    The Modify Pen Table dialog opens. The Element Section Processing Order list box displays names of the plotting styles in the STB file that were explicitly defined in AutoCAD; it does not include plot styles that use only the default values (such as “Use object linetype”). On the Element Selection Criteria tab, the Use Section Name as Criteria setting is on.

    Note: If an element in the DWG file was assigned a named AutoCAD plot style, and the name matches a name in the Element Section Processing Order list box, then the Element Output Actions are performed on this element.
  6. Select a name in the Element Section Processing Order list box, then select the Element Output Actions tab to see how this section is processed. For example, elements defined with the plot style named 30% Screen will plot with Screening set to 30%.

  7. (Optional) Modify the element output settings, if necessary.
  8. (Optional) Close the Modify Pen Table dialog.

    The Print dialog is open.

  9. Click the Preview icon.

    The drawing preview is updated in the Print dialog.

  10. Click the Print icon.
  11. Close the Print dialog.