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The following table shows operators that can be used in Configuration Variable definitions and how they are interpreted as a Configuration Variable is expanded. In the examples below, assume that $(USTN_WORKSETCFG) is defined as g:/Clients/DeptOfTransportation/WorkSets/Highway131.cfg

Operator Syntax Definition
basename basename(<expression>) Returns the filename of <expression> without directory or extension. For example:

WORKSETNAME = basename ($(_USTN_WORKSETCFG)) gives Highway131

concat concat(<arg1>,<arg2>...) Returns the concatenation of the arguments, similar to the + operator, but allows multiple arguments. For example:

LIST = concat (CFG1,CFG2,CFG3)

devdir devdir(<expression>) Returns the device and directory of <expression>, including a trailing directory separator. For example:

WORKSETDIR = devdir ($(_USTN_WORKSETCFG)) gives g:\Clients\DeptOfTransportation\WorkSets\

dev dev(<expression>) Returns the device (for example, c:) of <expression>. For example:


dir dir(<expression>) Returns the directory (without the device) of <expression>. For example:

WORKSETDIR = dir ($(_USTN_WORKSETCFG)) gives \Clients\DeptOfTransportation\WorkSets\

ext ext(<expression>) Returns the file extension of <expression>. For example:

WORKSETEXT = ext ($(_USTN_WORKSETCFG)) gives .cfg

filename filename(<expression>) Returns the filename and extension of <expression>. For example:

WORKSETFILE = filename ($(_USTN_WORKSETCFG)) gives Highway131.cfg

first first(<expression>) Returns the first portion of an expression (that is, the part preceding the first semicolon). For example:


firstdirpiece firstdirpiece(<expression>) Returns the root directory (without device) of <expression>. For example:

WORKSETROOT = firstdirpiece ($(_USTN_WORKSETCFG)) gives Clients

lastdirpiece lastdirpiece(<expression>) Returns the portion of the directory closest to the file in <expression>. For example:

WORKSETPAR = lastdirpiece ($(_USTN_WORKSETCFG)) gives WorkSets

noext noext(<expression>) Returns the full path of <expression>, omitting the extension.

WORKSETFILEROOT = noext ($(_USTN_WORKSETCFG)) gives g:\Clients\DeptOfTransportation\WorkSets\Highway131

parentdevdir parentdevdir(<expression>) Returns the parent directory, including the device, of <expression>. For example:

WORKSETPDD = parentdevdir ($(_USTN_WORKSETCFG)) gives g:\Clients\DeptOfTransportation\

parentdir parentdir(<expression>) Returns the parent directory, excluding the device, of <expression>

WORKSETPD = parentdir ($(_USTN_WORKSETCFG)) gives \Clients\DeptOfTransportation\

registryread registryread(regvar)

Returns the contents of the registry variable regvar. For example: