Promis.e Help

To Define a New Material (Palette Tree Displayed)

  1. If necessary, in the Material Editor dialog, click the plus/expand icon (left of the Palette menu).

    The dialog expands to display the palette tree.

  2. Do one of the following:

    Click the New Material icon.


    Right-click on the Palette, in the palette tree, and choose New Material.

    A new material displays in the palette tree, named with the default “New Material [1]”. The material name is highlighted, ready to be edited to the name of your choice.

  3. Key in the required name for the new material. Complete the entry with a carriage return, or enter a data point.
  4. Adjust the settings and select a pattern map or bump map, if desired.

    Note: To avoid conflicts, each material's name should be unique in the material palette and any other material palette that might be used at the same time.

    Note: The characters “[“ and “]” should not be used in the names of materials applied to models that will be exported as VRML worlds.