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To Create a Saved View from a Clip Volume

After creating a clip volume, the next step is to capture it in a saved view so that you can place the saved view on a sheet. Saved Views are created in the Saved Views dialog.

  1. In the Saved Views dialog ( Drawing > View > Saved Views dialog launcher ), click the Create Saved View tool.

    The tool settings window opens.

  2. Select the method for capturing the saved view: from the active view’s range (From View) or by specifying the range by two points (From 2 Points).
  3. Select a saved view type: Saved View, Section View, Elevation View, Detail View, or Plan View.
  4. Type a name and description for the saved view.
  5. To capture the previously created clip volume, select From View from the Clip Volume list box.
  6. (Optional) Select the Associative Clip Volume check box to associate multiple saved views to the same clip volume.
  7. Turn on the Create Drawing check box.
  8. Enter a data point in the view window.

    The Create Drawing dialog opens.

  9. Make the required settings in the Create Drawing dialog and click OK.